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Smooth Moves

It's never too late to feel the best you've ever felt.
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Hi, I’m Cush

Holistic health & fitness coach with 40+ years of experience. 

40 years of diverse sport experience from marathons to yoga and everything in-between. In addition to sporting experience I took time to understand the body by training in nutrition, massage and therapy. Combining my life experience of sport and my passion to understand and work with the body, today I focus on helping you to build your sporting skill and fitness levels, get back on track after injuries and empower you to take control of your mind, body and overall health. 

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Introducing Smooth Moves Fitness

I have a love of fitness and what it can do for us as fit and healthy people. I'm as interested in helping you achieve a couch to 5k as I am in helping you to achieve a marathon personal best. With my yoga and therapy qualifications I have a great understanding of what you will be asking of your body and your mind to help you accomplish and reach your goals whilst having fun. Working collaboratively we can create a great team to attain a healthier more balanced lifestyle that you've been dreaming of. 



“Since joining the classes it's made a massive difference to my posture and feeling more mobile."


“Comprehensive and personal rehabilitation from a number of running injuries. Always goes the extra mile and takes time to properly understand the route cause of my injuries."


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