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Meet Cush

Recent Experience

A cycling challenge of monstrous proportion. The length of our hilly country from Lands End to John o'Groats. The goal? Cycle all of the tallest peaks on the way and do it all in under a week. As you can imagine the team needed to be well fed and well rested to stand any chance of achieving this feat of fitness and grit. I was called in to provide the nutrition and the recovery / massage work. Safe to say they achieved their goal with no injuries and ahead of schedule.  

Cush image box_edited.jpg

Experienced Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

I've been coaching people my whole life. Ultimately, it's about people and understanding your specific needs, goals and limitations. Feeling good about yourself improves your quality of life and in some cases it can transform you both physically and mentally. I'm a kind, optimistic person and I'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your goals. 

Image by Jordan Nix
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