Choose A Bundle That Fits You

Bundles are a great gift to yourself or for loved ones. Bundles are designed to be enjoyed one a month and each bundle below is a monthly subscription with your selection each month. If you would like a one of experience please contact me with the bundle you want. I also provide gift cards if you would like to purchase a bundle as a gift. Please also contact me for gift card options. 

  • Technique & Massage

    Every month
    One to one workout technique & Swedish massage
    • A fully guided workout with technique training throughout.
    • A tailored exercise plan for the month.
    • 60min Swedish massage.
    • Exotic healing health drink.
  • Mindfullness Massage

    Every month
    Remind yourself how to take pleasure from the simple things.
    • Full body massage (60mins)
    • Mindfulness recording playing during the massage.
  • Recovery & Grounding

    Every month
    A monthly treat to reset, destress and get your mojo back.
    • Exotic healing health drink upon arrival.
    • One to one Yoga practise reconnecting your mind and body.
    • Meditation and deep relaxation to refresh your energy.
    • Full body massage (60mins) to restore and repair your body.